Special Topic: Make Sense of Life

Speaker: Pastor Simon Li

Recorded date: Feb 2014

Have you ever thought of these questions in your life?PIC

  • Why is there Something Instead of Nothing?
  • Why are we here? How and What are we to Make Sense of Life?

This talk series covers some essential questions that most people ask about:

I. Is There a God? Bible and Science are Contradictory!
II. Is Religion a Psychological Clutch for Weak People?
III. Is the Bible Reliable? Isn’t the Bible Full of Errors and Contradictions?
IV. Why is there Evil and Suffering in the World?
V. The Bible is Full of Miracles! Are Miracles Possible?
VI. Is Christ the ONLY Way to God? What about those who have never heard of Jesus?
VII. How can a Loving God send people to Hell?
VIII. Why are there so many Hypocrites among Christians/in the Church?

Talk 1

Fitting the Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces of Life Together


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Talk 2

Truth and Tolerance


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Talk 3

What do All These Mean… to Me?


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