About Us

Church History

Jireh Bible Church was found in January of 1997 in Houston.  The word Jireh, taken from Genesis 22:14, speaks of God's faithfulness in His provision to the needs of HIs people.  By God's grace, the Church acquired a piece of land on West Park at Walnut Bend Lane, and paid the land off in three years after its acquisition. The current building was completed in 2002.  The Church held her first Worship service in the new building on November 24, 2002.

Summary of Cardinal Doctrines of the Christian Faith

A.  We believe the Holy Scripture, the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments, to be the verbally inspired Word of God, inerrant in the original writings, and the complete and only infallible rule of faith and life for every believer.

B.  We believe there is one God, and only one, who is self-existent, eternal and infinite in every excellence, and eternally exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the same in essence, though distinct in personality.  These three Persons of the Godhead are equally and fully worthy of unending worship.

C.  We believe that when Adam chose to disobey God, he incurred the penalty of death, both physical and spiritual.  He passed on to all mankind, except to Jesus Christ, an inherently depraved nature, neither capable nor desirous of pleasing God.  All men therefore are sinner by nature and by choice, and are without hope apart from the grace of God and the salvation which is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

D.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God and the eternal possessor of all attributes of God.  We believe that, in time, Jesus Christ was begotten of the Holy Spirit, born of Mary, a virgin.  In his incarnation, Jesus Christ became a man, uniting to His divine nature a true human nature while surrendering nothing of HIs divine nature.  He not only had a sinless nature but also remained sinless throughout HIs earthly life.  He died for our sins according to the Scripture; and HIs death provided a full atonement for our sins.  We believe that Jesus Christ was literally and physically raised from the death, and ascended to the right handoff the Father.  And He shall literally and physically return to the earth.

E.   We believe that no one can enter the Kingdom of God unless born again. We believe that, in connection with divine truth as revealed in the Scriptures and on the basis of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the new birth is brought about by the gracious work of the Holy Spirit in a believing person. We acknowledge that repentance is a vital part of believing, and is not a separate and independent condition of salvation. As a new creation in Christ, one is declared to have the righteousness of Christ, is made a partaker of the divine nature and possesses the free gift of eternal life from God. We believe that all true believers once saved are kept saved forever. God, being holy and righteous, will correct His sinning children in infinite love, and at the end He will present every one of them faultless before the presence of His glory.

F.   We believe that the Holy Spirit, possessing all divine attributes, is eternal and self-existent. He was active in creation, in the divine revelation and inspiration of the Bible, in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and convicts and draws sinners to Christ. He imparts new life to believing sinners, permanently indwells them from the moment of salvation on, baptizes them into the body of Christ, which is the Church – headed by Christ and universally composed of all true believers, and seals them until the day of redemption. He gifts every believer for ministry, and continues filling the yielding believers for testimony and service.

G.  We believe that the blessed hope of the Church is the pre-tribulation rapture of the believers to be followed by the Pre-millennial return of the Lord Jesus Christ on the earth. At the close of the Millennium, the unbelieving shall be judged at the great white throne, not to be annihilated, but to receive everlasting destruction; and the believers will enter into the new heaven and new earth to be with the Lord forever.


If you have accepted the Lord Jesus as your Savior and are interested in the membership to this local Church body, please contact the Church.