Pastor Dario Ruvarac

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Dario was born and raised in the beautiful coastal country of Croatia, Europe, into a non-Christian family. His father was raised Serbian Orthodox; his mother was an atheist and a member of the Communist party.  As a teenager, the chaos and fear caused by Croatia’s war for independence prompted Dario to question the meaning of his life. 

“Hearing the Gospel message during an evangelistic crusade, I realized that every person has a corrupt nature, an inborn tendency to evil. Because of this, no one is capable of pleasing God.  As a result, man cannot have a personal relationship with God.  I heard that through Christ’s death the relationship between God and the world was bridged so that God can show grace on us, instead of judgment.  Salvation is not deserved, nor does it depend on our goodness.  It is the gift of God’s grace that a person receives through faith.”  Understanding God’s message, Dario trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Regarding his passion and call to ministry, Dario says, “It was not long after my salvation that I joined a team that provided pastoral care to churches that were without a pastor in war-torn areas in Croatia.  At the same time, we also started two multi-ethnic mission churches on the Croatian-Bosnian border. During this period, God called me to preach God’s Word to culturally diverse people. 

Realizing that he needed more specific training, Dario completed a 2-year program in Biblical Studies at Word of Life in Hungary. He continued his studies, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies at Moody Bible Institute and an Advanced Master of Divinity in Pastoral Leadership from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dario joined the Jireh Bible Church family on January 1, 2012 as the Associate Minister; he desires to encourage the congregation to become fully devoted disciples who impact others through personal, local, and global ministry.

Dario met his lovely wife Candace in Croatia where she served as a missionary. They were married in 2005 in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. In October 2013, God blessed them with their first child. Dario and Candace love serving together and are happy to be part of Jireh’s multi-ethnic ministry where all people are celebrated.

盧達理傳道出生、並成長在地中海畔的一個美麗的國家-克羅埃西亞共和國。父親是出自於信奉東正教的塞爾維亞家庭, 母親則是一個無神論的共產黨員。盧達理的青少年是在克羅埃西亞爭取獨立的戰亂中渡過的。其間之混雜與恐懼,引發他對人生意義的探討。

”在一次福音大會上,我了解到每個人都具有犯罪的本性,天生就是傾向罪惡的;正因如此,沒有人能令神悅納,也因此沒有人能與神建立親近的關係了。我領略到藉著耶穌的死,俾使我們與神之間的鴻溝上搭建了一座溝通的橋樑,從此神便可直接施恩典給我們,而不是當即判定我們的罪愆。所以,救恩,是神因著我們的信,白白施予給我們的,不是由做好事賺取來的…” 領悟到了神的真道,盧達理便接受了耶穌基督為他個人的救主。


盧傳道體認到他需要在這方面有更多的訓練。他先前往匈牙利完成了由 “生命之道” 機構主辦的兩年聖經課程。他接著陸續在慕迪聖經學院攻讀得到牧會學士, 以及在西南浸信會神學院獲得牧會領導的道學碩士。




Pastor Dario Ruvarac