Pastor Simon Li

Pastor LI                  

Simon M. Li is the pastor of Jireh Bible Church, Houston, Texas. He received his B. S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, and holds a M. S. and a PhD, both in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. He worked at General Electric’s Corporate R&D Center in Schenectady, New York, and later at Shell’s Westhollow R&D Center in Houston, Texas. He received God’s calling in 1999 to go into full time ministry, and has served as the Pastor of JBC since 1999. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2001 with a M. A. in Biblical Studies and was ordained in 2002. Pastor Li is the husband of his beautiful wife, Esther, and the father of two sons, Theodore and Jonathan, and one daughter, Josephine.

 李名功牧師是以勒聖經教會的牧師。他在威斯康辛大學得到化學工程學士學位,並有密西根大學的化學工程碩士及博士學位。他曾在美國通用電氣公司的研究所和殼牌公司的Westhollow 研究所工作。 他蒙神在1999年恩召全時間事奉後即開始在以勒聖經教會牧會。他於2001年由達拉斯神學院取得主修聖經的碩士學位,並在2002年被正式按立為牧師。李牧師有一位賢淑的妻子、劍恩,和二個兒子: 維良、維孝,及一個女兒: 維慈。 

Pastor Simon M. Li